Les Touches Finales

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Suppliers of products to the hospitality industry in France



100% Ecological

Eco by Green Culture is 100% ecological, from the ingredients to the packaging. 

This range has been made from renewable plant materials making it soft to use on skin with minimum use of conservatives. The packaging is compact to reduce waste and is 100% recyclable. Certified by Ecolabel. The fragrance is fresh and uplifting, suitable for ladies and gentlemen.

The plus points:

•The raw formulations are made from natural and renewable ingredients.


•Minimum usage of conservatives.

•Certification by Ecolabel.

•Flip top bottle is PET & cardboard packaging 100% recycled.

Prices of this range of guest products can be found on the on-line shop.



What does Ecolabel do?

Awarded to goods and services which meet the environmental requirements of the EU-eco labelling scheme. 

Better for the environment – minimal impact on aquatic eco system and fulfils strict biodegradability requirements.

Limits packaging waste.

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