Les Touches Finales

Siret No: 508062 734 00019

Suppliers of products to the hospitality industry in France

‘Hands on Veggies’ Range of guest products

This exciting new range of guest products is certified organic with an ultra-modern design. ‘Hands on Veggies’ guest products are made from nature - fruit, vegetables and plants with a fresh and floral scent. They are rich in botanical and active ingredients and are preserved through fermentation. Certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free. The tube packaging has been artistically designed and made from sugar cane. Sustainable, organic and fabulous. ‘The Best that Nature has to offer’.

Organic Pumpkin and Argan Shampoo

Pure and botanical shampoo with pumpkin & argan oil.  A blend of rich and active ingredients with organically fermented substances.

  • Rich in active ingredients.

  • Strengthens, conditions, restores, smooths & protects.

  • Fresh and floral scent.

  • Purely natural ferments and plant extracts are used as preserving agents.

Organic Carrot & Coconut Shower Gel and Body Mousse

A plant-based invigorating shower gel made with carrots and coconut to awaken your skin and senses.

  • Refreshing, regenerating and invigorating.

  • A rich, moisturising gel protects and renews the skin cells.

  • Supports the regeneration process.

  • Fresh and floral scent.


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